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My Adobe Interview Experience - Software Quality Engineer

My Adobe Interview Experience - Software Quality Engineer

Devashish Thakur
·Mar 25, 2022·

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I recently joined Adobe as Software Engineer and received a lot of messages on LinkedIn asking about my interview experience. So, I hope this blog helps them and other people who are preparing for Adobe Interviews.

I was working at Publicis Sapient since January 2020 and had about 2 years of experience. I had a friend who recently joined Adobe, so I asked for a referral from her. But even if you don't know anyone from Adobe, you can reach out to them with your resume and chances are that you will get a referral.

I was interviewed for the Document Cloud team and most of the requirement was related to mobile testing (Appium, Java, UI Automator, Espresso, etc). I was good with Java and I had some experience with Appium also.

Call from the recruiter

The recruiter reached out to me after 2-3 days and explained the interview process, There are 4 technical rounds, and the final round will be taken by your manager.

I was very nervous as I did not prepare for the interview, Adobe was the very first company I was interviewing for.

Round 1

The interview started with a brief introduction, then some questions about Java.

I was good with Java, so I was able to answer those questions easily.

Then we moved to coding questions, Questions were from Linked List and String.

I had some problems with a Linked List question but was able to solve it with some help, rest of the questions were not that difficult and I was able to solve them easily.

In the last few minutes, Interviewer asked me some more questions related to SQL, Java, and Puzzles.

I got a call from the recruiter after a few hours that I am selected in the first round :)

Round 2

Round 2 was very similar to Round 1, It again started with a brief introduction and some questions about Java.

Then we moved to coding questions. Questions were from String, HashMap, and Arrays.

The interviewer wanted to optimize the solutions and I was able to solve most questions in the best time complexity.

How I approached most coding was like this

Step 1 - Talk about the worst way to solve the problem.

Step 2 - Discuss and Code a better solution (Make sure you already have some idea about how to optimize this)

Step 3 - Optimize the solution

I followed this framework for all my interviews and It worked like a charm.

Got a call from the recruiter again that I am shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3

Round 3 was focused completely on coding questions.

Questions asked were mostly from HashMap, Sets, and Arrays.

The level of questions was higher than the previous two rounds but I was able to solve most questions, I got stuck with one problem where I needed a lot of help from the interviewer.

My Interview was good but I was uncertain because of that last question which I was not able to solve on my own.

Luckily, I got a call for the next round again.

Round 4

Round 4 was the final round and I was super nervous about it. My friend had told me that this is the most important round because your manager will interview you.

This round was not that focused on coding, She asked me one question of Strings which was super easy as compared to the previous rounds.

Most questions were related to Java and some questions around test cases. This is the moment I dreaded because manual testing is not my strong point.

I tried my best to write as many test cases as possible but I was not at all happy with my performance in this interview. My previous Interviews were awesome but I had a feeling like this one question may result in a rejection.

Luckily, I got a call the next day.

"Devashish, Congratulations. We got positive feedback from Interviewers and we would like to know about your salary expectation"

This was a dream moment for me, and being very honest here, I can't believe I am working at Adobe now!!!

I hope this post may help other people who are also preparing for adobe interviews.

Best of Luck!!

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